SPACE: 1959
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SPACE: 1959 In the Beginning…

Space: 1959

It all started at the end of WW2,  by 1950 Britain is getting back on its feet. Its the dawn of a Golden Age- there is a new young Queen, Elizabeth II and the scientific windfall of the wars has been accelerated, if Heath Robbinsonish technology. Britain has stayed out of the Great Soviet War, but this conflict continues to devestate mainland europe, Asia and North America. Refugee scientists boost resurgent British science, while increasing trade through the Empire/Commonwealth builds the necessary finance.
Britains trade as a result of the Great Soviet War rapidly increases. As moves from Empire to Commonwealth cannot economically or ethically be resisted it is decided that Britain must exploit new opportunities and build a new Empire by seizing the initiative in the space race
1952 sees rockets launching satelites and the first man in space
1955 Britain plants the Union Jack on the moon
1958 The start of the first British Space station

It is also the year 1958 that the opportunity of a lifetime falls to the British and their Commonwealth allies in the space program. Renegade factions on the Jungle planet of Venus make contact with the small Moonbase, to seek an alliance against the Ruling despot and Dictator Mekon. Britain sends the adventurer Dan Dare to negotiate with them and soon the offer of trade concessions and land for a Venus Base is made in return for Military assistance and Hardware. A new expansion opportunity awaits and Britain grabs it with both hands, soon a small BEF is in place on the jungle planet, covered by adapted planes from the RAF and the building of the first of the Churchill class Sky Carriers.

With help on system travel from their new allies it is time for the Union Jack to to go the planets, a new era awaits…


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