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Venus: home of the Treen and Mekon

The jungle planet of Venus has been ruled for over 200 years by the absolute dictator Mekon. He controls the Northern Jungle zone completely and most of the southern Jungles having crossed the Fire Barrier.

There is still some resistance to his rule deep in the Southern Jungles, and rebel factions have managed to escape to Mars where they hold a small but well defended foothold.

In early 1958 a secret Commonwealth base was made in these  Southern reaches and a Commonwealth force has slowly been building up in secret.

It is hoped that in 1959 when the Sky Carrier Atlee is ready for deployment in the skies of Venus that the Commonwealth forces and their Rebel Treen allies will take the attack to the Mekons forces.

(Note: in canon Dan Dare, the southern reaches are inhabited by Therons, who are effectively humans, so I have decided they were lost a while back in the Mekons drive for control of the planet)

The Treen are a large bulky muscular race, those under the Mekons direct control are rigidly disciplined and controlled and show little or no emotion or independance. The Southern Rebels have a greater spirit and capacity for doing the unexpected and have been able to hold off the Mekon, but they never had the forces or the manufacturing capacity to do much more than hang on and survive. With the coming of their new Commonwealth Allies this has changed and there is a new hope for the these downtrodden people.

(Treen in SPACE: 1959 will be played by Orks from Games Workshop)


More information on Mekon, Treen and Therosn is here:


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