SPACE: 1959
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Mars: the red planet and bringer of War.


With the interplanetary ships provided by the Renegade Treen allies, Britain soon launches small scientific expedition to Mars. Professor Allan Quatermass leads the party to be the first humans onto the surface of the Red Planet. Their Treen allies have warned them that something dangerous lives there, and that none of their own ships have returned, but the British press on regardless. 

After landing in late 1958 the mission goes well for several days, with rock samples and various other tests being done. And then the Martians appear, clad in great metallic warmachines they seek to destroy the invaders of their planet. 

The Scientific team however manages to escape by the skin of their teeth and is chased almost to the Moonbase itself before the Martians break off pursuit. It is an ominous warning that Wells did not just write fiction, and now we are out in space that the War of the Worlds might be just beginning…


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