SPACE: 1959
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Design decisions

With this project I wanted the whole thing to feel very British, possibly stereotypical British.

So the sources are Dan Dare, Gerry Anderson, HG Wells, Battle/Action and 2000ad comics and of course the greats of British televised SF, Quatermass and Dr Who (Blakes 7 also gets an honourable mention as well).

I want a world where Treens can battle Daleks and Cybermen, Martians in their huge walkers or with 4 arms from Edgar Rice Burroughs, and of course somewhere in all this mix, 50’s British with stiff upper lips. I want 50’s and early 60’s rather than the Swinging London and Beatles mid to late era 60’s, even if some of the kit I have purloined for them to be using is as late as 1970s.

Following this through I now have in 28mm and 1/50, Daleks (Dr Who magazine) British (Mongrel, Mystic SPirals and Mofo), GI troopers (from 2000ad’s Rogue Trooper)(Games Workshop Catachans amd a female Squad will come from Shadowforge), vehicles from ebay via corgi, Centurions and Saladins so far although they will get Saracen and Stalwart converted as well, Landrovers from TAG and other stuff to come from S&S (FV432’s, L109 light guns, Scorpions and Scimitars and Samsons etc). I am even equipping a Matchbox Bentley for Major Easy to become Brigadier Easy :). Treens are Games Workshop Orks, Huge Martian Walkers are being scratchbuilt as will a lot of other kit. The lead mountain is now mostly assembled, just need to get cracking painting it.

In 1/600th I have assembled airforce units for the RAF and I am using certain Germany luftwaffe 1946 designs for the Mekons forces as I want them all based on flying wing designs. Also in 1/600th I have used Oddsal Osmeys moderns to build a company of British Mechanised Infantry and a Company of Centurions as well as ancillery bits and pieces for them (Land Rovers are doubling up for lots of other vehicles at the moment!).

To be honest I haven’t had this much fun on a project for ages. 🙂


4 Responses to “Design decisions”

  1. Flying wings for the Treen ships? Are you taking inspiration from the recent Virgin Dan Dare (No jokes, please!) comic series? There are, I believe some 1/72 kits for those Horten aircraft, and smaller scale white metal versions – they’d look good in 1950s “Eagle”-style metallic green and yellow, with those Treen insignis on them!
    Per Ardua ad Astra,

  2. Those 20 odd early GW space pirates + the Zoats from my very old collections will once more see the light of day.Could I find a use for my nicely painted sisters of mercy or is tgat a step too emancipated for 1950 ties maybe some planet of Amazons might work?All the best with your lead mountain.

  3. Sounds like a great idea, you should also include Starblazer – Combat style mini comics, now a major SciFi gaming publication;

    And you must have seen A very British Conquest of Space! I see you are posting on the same GWP forum.

    Good luck.


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