SPACE: 1959
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British Army of Venus

Fllowing the 50’s/60’s feel the British Forces fighting the Mekon on Venus are organised in the same way as the British Army of the Rhine, hence the BAOV acronym.

I have been working on the shoulder flash for them, and my two lead contenders are shown below.


2 Responses to “British Army of Venus”

  1. This is great stuff! I’ve just finished Safari in Space, which is my first ever reading of the Hampson Dan Dare (I’d read the Eagle version in the 80s and the Ennis version a couple of years back). I was totally surprised by the maturity of the writing (expecting something a little more like Commando Comics). My first thought was how do I game this? I must confess I never even thought about Orks. I would imagine that 2nd edition Orks would have been a better figure to use than the newer more brutal Orks, but either way I can see it working. Do you think that maybe the Warzone Imperial Trencher or Blood Commando figures might make good soldiers for the BAOV?
    Keep it up,

  2. Well for BAOV see my next post with the figures I am using for the British and allies…

    Trenchers look good, I did consider using them as Treen but they look too British.

    The only issue with Orks I am having is that they don’t quite look organised enough for the tyrannous Mekons forces, but I am working on it…

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