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British Army of Venus 2

August 31, 2010

First up is the Brig, commanding his troops from the front. Next up is the first section of Infantry, still in Greens, they are painted as members of the Royal Green Jackets. Then 2 section, in Jungle DPM. Figures are Mystic SPirals (including the Brig), Gripping Beasts MoFo range and Mongrel Miniatures. They still need […]

British Army of Venus

August 6, 2010

Fllowing the 50’s/60’s feel the British Forces fighting the Mekon on Venus are organised in the same way as the British Army of the Rhine, hence the BAOV acronym. I have been working on the shoulder flash for them, and my two lead contenders are shown below.

A small number of work in progress pictures.

August 3, 2010

Ok a few work in progress teaser shots to keep you happy! Showing the Fire Belt Raider force under construction. Then a TSR2 in flight. And lastly 1/600 (3mm) Tanks, Artillery and FV432.

Design decisions

July 19, 2010

With this project I wanted the whole thing to feel very British, possibly stereotypical British. So the sources are Dan Dare, Gerry Anderson, HG Wells, Battle/Action and 2000ad comics and of course the greats of British televised SF, Quatermass and Dr Who (Blakes 7 also gets an honourable mention as well). I want a world […]

Mars: the red planet and bringer of War.

April 30, 2010

  With the interplanetary ships provided by the Renegade Treen allies, Britain soon launches small scientific expedition to Mars. Professor Allan Quatermass leads the party to be the first humans onto the surface of the Red Planet. Their Treen allies have warned them that something dangerous lives there, and that none of their own ships […]

Venus: home of the Treen and Mekon

April 27, 2010

The jungle planet of Venus has been ruled for over 200 years by the absolute dictator Mekon. He controls the Northern Jungle zone completely and most of the southern Jungles having crossed the Fire Barrier. There is still some resistance to his rule deep in the Southern Jungles, and rebel factions have managed to escape […]

SPACE: 1959 In the Beginning…

April 26, 2010

Space: 1959 It all started at the end of WW2,  by 1950 Britain is getting back on its feet. Its the dawn of a Golden Age- there is a new young Queen, Elizabeth II and the scientific windfall of the wars has been accelerated, if Heath Robbinsonish technology. Britain has stayed out of the Great Soviet War, but […]